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Finding the Mighty God

Finding the Mighty God

  I used to be the village leader in Pathumthani. During a flood, Living Stream Bangkok Church sent workers to provide aide to the affected provinces. I had body aches all over, and so went to see them. The doctor prescribed medicine and also laid hands on me. From that time on, the pain ceased. Since coming to Christ, problems that before seemed insurmountable are now solvable. For example, I had owed a debt of about 1 million baht. Through God's provision, it is now paid in full. God has also blessed my community, so much so that the Princess has come and given many rewards to my village. In our fellowship group, God also answers our prayers for healing. A few examples are Songrin Chompluen, whom God both healed from diabetes and provided with work. God freed another member, Lueng Angbuah, from his cigarette addiction. Another member, Witnai Samanprom, was also healed through prayer and now his entire family has come to know Christ. Matthew 14:15-21 is a verse I like to share with others. It tells the story of Jesus feeding a crowd with only a few fishes and loaves. God takes the little we have and multiplies it. My life goal is to do good for my community, without regard for what I receive in return. I hope that those who read this testimony will know that if we follow the Lord, He will guide us and give us peace. Thai testimonies Click 

 By Decha Kluachot